Our First Yearbook Page!

Today we’ll start at (almost) the beginning by designing our first official page for this year’s yearbook!

Page 1, the table of contents, is a tough one to do right, so we’ll skip it (for right now) and go to page 2, the messages from our administrators!

Here are a couple of samples from the past:



A lot of pages (like this one) have to wait until we actually get the content from other people. I don’t have this year’s writeups from the administrators. I don’t even know for sure whether there will be one or two blocks of text this year. Usually, on this page I use the photos that are taken alongside grad photos. I don’t have those yet. So we make up template pages that look right, but contain THE WRONG CONTENT and then REPLACE it later. Life is so much simpler if everything is done and all I need to do is place new files when I get the updated content. That’s where you come in.

Start with an InDesign page template. This page goes ON THE LEFT hand side and is only ONE page. The other side is a divider, which we’ll look at later.

You’ll need to PLACE two photos and two TEXT documents. You can use old writeups and new photos if you like. You can find files to use HERE.

Each page (except for the first and the last, usually) has a PAGE NUMBER somewhere. It should also have some kind of HEADING/TITLE, and of course a snazzy background image/design.

We will all come up with a design for this page, but obviously the real book can only have one, so we’ll look at all of your designs and decide which one we’ll actually use. Once we come up with a few pages together, you’ll be responsible for creating your own section for the actual book, so you can be assured that your designs will be used in the book, so make ’em good!

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