One Logo to Rule them All!?

No, silly, unlike in Lord of the Rings, there is not one logo that could rule them all. In fact, you almost always need different versions of your logo to use in different places.

For example, there are actually a number of different versions of our school logo:

jimmiesbasketball-logo j-breast-pocket-transparent jimmiesbballwu jimmies-logo-transparentDepending on where you’re using your logo, you might need a different version. The one with just a letter J is more useful when the logo is shrunken, but the full Jimmies looks better when you need something big. But what about if we were using our logo on something outside of our school? If you used that logo on a billboard, would anyone know that it represents our school? What the heck is a “Jimmie” anyway!?

So you may need to add the name of the school, perhaps the address or website, a slogan, or some other information that makes sense of our logo or helps people to use it to get more information.

And you should do the same thing! No matter how great and how useful your logo is, you’ll need to place it in different places on different products, so you should be prepared with a number of versions of the logo. They will keep the same basic elements (ours always has the same colours and that nifty J) but will add elements or take them away.

brandingLet’s start with 3! Take your logo and modify it. Add or remove information to make different versions that would work well in different situations. Show me AT LEAST 3 different versions of the same logo and tell me what each would be most useful for!

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