Oct. 30

Sorry I can’t be there today. Get your flu shot. Take your vitamins. Wear a jacket. Wash your hands a lot. All good advice that might help you avoid whatever I’ve got.

As I mentioned to you last time, it’s really, REALLY important that you all get some good work done and some assignments submitted. TODAY. Report cards are coming, and for some of you, it’s not looking good; getting a few things in would really help improve that situation.

Last time we started a Composition Assignment. That’s important. Do a good job of the research, a good job of creating a teaching tool, and a good job of taking sample photos.

I STILL don’t have photos from the Bruce Park assignment for most people. Unacceptable. If you took them there, drop them off. Label them so that I know which is which. If you didn’t get photos from Bruce Park, take those NOW in or around school.

There was also an assignment from the day we took photos of GWMS students.  Kaitlyn did a great job of this. Ask to look at her photos if you need suggestions.

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