Novel Study Assignment #1 – Character Sketch

For your first assignment, I would like you to introduce me to one of the characters in your book. It could be the protagonist (central character) or someone who stands out to you as especially interesting. Find someone who is described in detail or has a large part in the early section of the book.

Your job is to create a character sketch, containing:

  • a picture (drawn, photographed, or taken from the Internet – does NOT have to be EXACTLY that person. Find something/someone who kind of fits the description. So for my example, I’m writing about Lennie from Of Mice and Men, and I found a guy who is really big, shapeless of face, has wide, sloping shoulders, etc.)
  • Then pick out as many quotes about the character as you can and include them around the person. So if there is a description, copy that down AND INCLUDE THE PAGE NUMBER where you got it.
  • Add in any thoughts/observations that you have, even if there isn’t a direct quote supporting your thought/observation. (So in the early part of the book, it doesn’t say that Lennie has a disability, but judging by the way he talks & acts, we can tell that there’s something child-like about him.)
  • Include some significant actions or events that this character gets involved in during the early part of the book. What did your character do/say/have happen to him/her that was notable or interesting?
  • Include reactions by other characters to your character. (in my example, I’d write about how George gets really frustrated and angry with Lennie very easily.)

This does NOT have to be a great work of art, but it should be creative and should look neat and appealing. Make it look like you put effort into making it look good. Better yet, PUT EFFORT INTO MAKING IT LOOK GOOD!

Much of your text can be copied from the book, but I am also looking for YOUR THOUGHTS & IMPRESSIONS also. I need to know that you’ve done some thinking about this character. If it all seems copied from somewhere, you will lose marks.

You want to include as much detail as you can find/think about. If you only have a few bits of information, it isn’t a full & complete character sketch.

DUE on or before FRIDAY, MAY 12.


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