Most Important Manitobans

Many people helped to build Manitoba into a new province. Some had been leaders in the resistance; some had been on the other side; others had not taken part in the resistance but still played a part in shaping our province. Together, we are going to decide who the most important players were in shaping our province, look at what their contributions were, and come to a conclusion about who should be named the most important Manitoban of the era.

Only one person/pair per important Manitoban! Once you choose a person, let me know and I will cross him off the list so that nobody else chooses him.

  1. Choose one of the people listed below. Use AT LEAST 3 websites and/or books for information about the person. Some websites have been suggested but you’ll still have to find some of your own information. Keep a specific list of your sources!
  2. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! Write down some notes in your own words and keep track of where you got your information from. If you copy and paste, it is considered plagiarism, which is a fancy word for CHEATING.
  3. When you have completed your research, make a poster, display, or presentation about your nominee for most important Manitoban. Make sure to include a photo or drawing of that person. You may also wish to add other images or illustrations to show what your person did to help create Manitoba.
  4. Your project should be accompanied by at least one page that explains why this person should be named as one of the most important Manitobans and show his contributions to the creation of our province.

You’ll notice something significant about all of the people listed below: they are all men. Women had very little power or influence at the time. We will learn about some important women later, but for now, we’ll look at the men who were at the forefront of creating our province.

If there is someone you think should be included in this list but is not, please run it by Mr. Robson and we’ll see if you can/should research that person.

  • A.G.B. Bannatyne – Joaquin
  • Judge John Black – Angelie/Olivia
  • Francis Cornish (info) – Charlotte/Frances
  • William Gomez Fonseca – Neal/Aldeus
  • Elzear Goulet – Zane/Marcus
  • Col. J.S. Dennis – Elmer/Darcy
  • Ambroise Lepine – Kiara
  • William Luxton – Kiera
  • Andrew McDermot – Eirrah
  • Andre Nault – Liam/Austin
  • Father Ritchot – Delilah
  • Dr. John Christian Schultz – Sara/Ashela
  • Donald A. Smith – Jyan
  • Archbishop Tache – Abigail


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