Besides being a talented artist, Andy Warhol was a bit of a nut. He did some pretty strange things for the sake of his art and making a name for himself. He loved to push the boundaries of art and what was acceptable and became rather famous for doing things that were unconventional…

eeewww! Pee paintings? See, I told you he was nuts!

Besides his soup cans and bananas, Warhol was perhaps most notable for his portraits of himself and of other people.

Here are a few famous examples

Probably the most famous of these is his portrait of the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe

Warhol took an existing photo of Monroe:

and applied his silkscreening process to it to come up with his stylized version. As with many things that he did, there was some debate over whether it was true “art” because he was working with an image that he did not create and just applied colour to it.

Today we’re going to do the same thing! The first thing you need is a photo. The project works best when you use a photo of someone with very light coloured hair, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

If you want a picture of yourself, let me know. It’s always fun to do it that way!


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