Analyzing Mood and Tone

Writers us specific words, forms, and devices to create a tone and mood in their work. The most effective writing is one that can make the reader feel or at least understand a certain mood. Poetry is especially linked to mood and tone. Here’s how:

Look at this poem and consider the tone and mood that are created by the poet:

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Describe the mood of this poem. With its mood in mind, why do you think army recruiters used this poem to inspire young men to join up at the start of The Great War?



Describe the mood of this poem. What words & devices does the author include that help create that tone & mood? Pick out some examples and explain why they’re used and what the effect is.

Songwriters also use tone and mood in their lyrics and music.

Dulce Et Decorum Est-MRyan

Look at the mood/tone of this song. How does it make you feel and how does the writer accomplish this?

This song is obviously inspired by the poem. Discuss the connection between the two. What is similar/different in the poem and song? Explain.


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