Microsoft Word Menu/Price List

Now that you’ve demonstrated a mastery of some important and impressive skills in Microsoft Word, it’s time to put those skills to work to design an amazing, useful document of your own!

You’ll design a restaurant menu, business price list, or some creative way of demonstrating your knowledge.

Here’s my example. Yours does not have to be exactly the same (and it SHOULD NOT BE):

Displaying the invisible characters, it looks like this:

You can make up your own store/business or create a menu for a restaurant using this format. Have fun and be creative, but you MUST INCLUDE:

  • Text formatting (font, colour, size, alignment)
  • Pictures (behind text and square or tight)
  • Text box(es) (including borders and shading)
  • Hyperlink(s)
  • TABS TABLE! (I set tabs to line up my artist (left), title (center), and price (right) – yours can have more/different columns, but you NEED TO SET TABS somewhere)
  • Bonus for more tricks & tools that you used in the previous assignment, so add in more of the things that you’ve learned!

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