March 5

Sorry I can’t be with you again today. Honestly, I’d rather be at school than home feeling this bad. I will be back tomorrow, one way or another!

So apparently you had trouble watching the video that I left for you yesterday. If that’s the case, I’d be willing to bet that you didn’t DOWNLOAD the file and play it from your computer. Silly students.

I’ll give you two options today, because I’d like for you to see it and complete the questions.

I’m trying to put it on Youtube. Click here to see if I was successful.

The other option is this DropBox link, which you can’t stream from the site, you have to download. Once you download the file, you have to double click it to decompress the file, and then double click the decompressed file to get it to play. It’ll work if you do that.

Here is the link for the previous portion of the movie.

If you get that done (or fail yet again…), here is a web quest I’d like you to complete: DustBowlWebquest

Download the file and open up the Word document. You can answer right on there if you wish, but DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! You are to write in your own words, using complete sentences, capital letters, and punctuation!


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