Major Project: Yearbook Pages!

The time has come to put it all together. All year we’ve been working on compiling photos and learning how to put together our yearbook. Now it’s time to GET IT DONE!

A lot of people have paid for a yearbook. It’s your job to deliver them the quality that they expect, so TAKE YOUR TIME. DO A GOOD JOB!

Using our finished page design templates, you need to pick which pages you are going to complete and put the actual pictures into place!

Everyone needs to do these pages:

With a partner, design and put together the PORTRAIT pages for grade 9, 10, 11, or 12! I have the photos and the names, and will show you how to easily import them. Decide on a design that works and then we will put them in. These photos do not need to be retouched in Photoshop.

With a partner: AT LEAST one DIVIDER

Individually: AT LEAST one Sports page

AT LEAST one club/program SPREAD

AT LEAST one Special Event SPREAD

LAYOUT one Grad SPREAD (you won’t have most of the photos to work with, so just make it ready for me to drop the photos in)


  • All photos should be fixed in Photoshop first (colour correction, lighting, etc.)
  • All photos need to be 300 dpi! Important! (remember how to resize photos? If a photo is lower resolution, you will need to do this!)
  • RESIZE the photos PROPERLY so that they aren’t too huge (usually around 4 inches is plenty – that would be almost half a page, which we’d rarely do.
  • RAW images will NOT work in InDesign, so you need to convert them. A HIGH QUALITY .jpg is fine.
  • All photos need to be “placed,” which means that the actual photo file must be alongside your InDesign file (create a photos folder and put all of your original or fixed photos in that folder, place them from there!)
  • Include the write-ups about clubs/activities (I have a bunch already)
  • Pages must be numbered! No page number on the front or back cover! InDesign must do the numbering for you! (ie you can’t just add a text box on each page and write in your own number – CHEATING!)

This will take some time and effort to complete. You won’t get it done in one day, so take your time and do a good job. This is THE MAJOR assignment this YEAR, and the reason why we’re all in this class, essentially, so please do a good job. Ask for help as necessary.

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