Logo Design with Contrast

Now that you know a thing or two about different types of contrast (not just colour, but size, shape, style, typefaces, etc) (review if you have forgotten) and you know how to put together a logo (review if you missed it), it’s time for you to put together your own logo that uses Contrast effectively.

You will design a logo for Westwood Graphic Tech. (you could choose a different topic if you wish.) Your logo will contain at least TWO types of contrast. You’ll have to explain your use of contrast after you’re done.

A lot of logos are pretty simple, but a lot contain a bunch of different elements. As we’ve discussed previously, the more that’s included in the logo, the more contrast you’re likely to find.

I’d recommend using more than one line of text. Westwood could be one. Graphic Tech could be another. You could even add a little slogan/motto/phrase to describe Graphic Tech. It also helps to include multiple shapes or images. You could design elements yourself and/or include icons from The Noun Project or a similar source.

Here’s an example:

The bright yellowish colour contrasts nicely with the dark maroon.
The dark outlines contrast with the bright coloured text
The silver/grey circle contrasts with the maroon circle
The two lines of text contrast in size AND typeface/style
The round background image contrasts with the straight, sharp lines of the GT icon

Use Illustrator to come up with your logo. Take the time to come up with a good idea/concept before you start! Ask for help/feedback/suggestions as you go.

Make sure you draw all elements or PLACE in vector files (like the .svg files you can download from The Noun Project.) DO NOT place .jpg or .png files unless you know how to Image Trace them properly!

Be creative and come up with something fun! Who knows, if you come up with something good, you may see it on stickers, mouse pads, mugs, or t-shirts around the school!

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