Journal Entry: Going Without

Write your answer IN COMPLETE SENTENCES using PROPER ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR. This is English class. Show that you might just know how to use the language.

PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO YOUR ANSWER. It’s always clear when someone starts writing without knowing where the answer will go. If you take a moment to compose your thoughts, maybe even plan/outline, your answer will be much more intelligent and interesting, and your MARK WILL BE BETTER.

I prefer having you compose a Word document and placing that in your shared OneDrive folder. If you choose to write on paper, make it NEAT.

A good answer to today’s question should be close to (if not more than) A PAGE LONG (single spaced, normal sized writing & margins. Giant fonts and huge margins ain’t foolin’ nobody!)

Today’s question is about the basic comforts of life. (basic comforts include things like regular meals, shelter, showers, drinking water, clean clothes, entertainment, etc.)

What is the longest you have gone without the basic comforts of life? What were the circumstances (when, why, how long, etc.)? How did it feel? Does going without basic comforts make you appreciate them more? Why? What can you learn from going without?


Imagine and describe your life without the basic comforts of life. What might happen to you to cause you to go without these things? How would your life change? What would you do? How would you feel?


There are many people in the world who have to go without the things that we enjoy. What types of situations cause people, either close to us or around the world, to have to live without basic comforts? What can those people do to improve their situation? What can governments or organizations do to help? What can we do to help? Do you think that there is a realistic solution that might make it possible for everyone to enjoy the basic comforts of life one day?

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