Journal Entry: Going Without

As we previously discussed, the people going off to war find themselves without pretty much everything that they previously knew and loved and are put into a whole new life where they must fend for themselves. It’s time for you to consider what that would be like.

Imagine that you suddenly find yourself, for whatever reason, in a place where you have no access to the things that you currently enjoy. You can’t immediately contact any of your friends or family. You have none of the comforts of home. Most disturbing of all, NO CELL PHONE! You don’t even have NETFLIX! Oh, the horror!

Write me a story or journal entry explaining where you found yourself and what you would do to get by. You could go off to war if you like, but you could also just find yourself alone in a strange city, on a desert island, blasted off to space in a SpaceX rocket, lost in the woods, surviving a plane crash, or any other creative and interesting scenario!

This is YOU, so what would YOU do/think in that situation? You need to explain how you feel and what you would do IN DETAIL. You need to write roughly a page (and if your writing is big or you skip lines or make big margins, it’ll be more…) Give this some thought BEFORE you start to write! Have fun with it!

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