Joining the War

As we go through our novel & story studies, you will need to provide some longer answers – journal entry style – to what we’ve read or discussed. Today you will do the first one.

Write your answer IN COMPLETE SENTENCES using PROPER ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR. This is English class. Show that you might just know how to use the language.

Answers should show that you’ve PAID ATTENTION to the reading/viewing/discussion, so MAKE REFERENCES to the topic/chapter/story. PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO YOUR ANSWER. It’s always clear when someone starts writing without knowing where the answer will go. If you take a moment to compose your thoughts, maybe even plan/outline, your answer will be much more intelligent and interesting, and your MARK WILL BE BETTER.

Write NEATLY (or use a computer.) Put thought into your answer!

A good answer to today’s question should be close to (if not more than) A PAGE LONG (single spaced, normal sized writing & margins.)

Some context & information:

Today’s question:

If Canada went to war and the country needed soldiers to fight to protect your family and our way of life, would you enlist (sign up) to join the military? People are often EXPECTED to join as it is considered your responsibility to fight if you are able, so you might not entirely have a choice.

Using references to our discussion and considering the DETAILS of WORLD War 1, please talk about why you would join and why you would not. Explain yourself well and show that you paid attention in class for full marks.

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