Jimmie News: Student Profile

jimmienewsExtra! Extra! Read all about it! The Jimmie News is here!

Imagine this: St. James starts up a student newspaper and decides to put YOU (or a version of you…) on the cover with a feature-length profile! You’d be famous!

Well, dreams do come true! Sort of…

To wrap up the work that we’ve been doing so far, your task is to come up with a full-length profile of a St. James student, but one with a twist!

Looking back at the exercises we’ve done so far (classroom seating, colour psychology, personality tests, and goal setting), I want you to write a profile of who you’d be if all of those things were actually true.

For example, consider where you’re sitting in class. What does the research say about you? What’s your favourite colour? What does the research say about you? What did some of those personality tests say about you, and what are some of your actual goals? Incorporate all of that information into the profile of this student. Of course, lots of the things that you’ve heard and read, based on the research and testing, makes no sense! One place will tell you one thing, a personality test will tell you another, and so on! But if all of these things were accurate, who would you be? Write about it!

Your student profile will include information from each of the 4 major exercises that we’ve done, so you’ll have to refer back to the research or testing behind each activity. So the person that you’re writing about, where does he/she sit in class and what does it mean? What’s his/her favourite colour and what does it mean?

You can do this according to the wacky results that you’d get if you follow the information presented OR you can do a more accurate one that explains who you really are and how you either reflect or contradict the research!

Since you might be doing something kind of odd, it doesn’t have to be the real you that’s being profiled, you could make up a student with a fake name and photo. If you want to go the more authentic route, you can include a picture of you, which you can bring in or take with one of the school cameras. You don’t have to spend too much time making it look like a real newspaper if you don’t want to, but there are some nice and easy templates available in Pages (on the Mac) and Microsoft Word (PC and Mac.) You could just write it up as a plain Google or Word document and then put it into one of the templates later, or just add a headline, byline (who wrote the article), and picture (with caption.)

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