CRAP Review / Event Poster

I know it’s only March and the snow isn’t gone yet, but it’s that time of year when my thoughts start to drift toward summer, my favourite time of year. One of my very favourite things about the summer is that I get to visit a lot of cool music festivals.

I would like you to design a poster like one that would be used to advertise an upcoming music festival. Yours doesn’t have to be a music festival, but it should contain similar information. You could promote whatever type of event you like, or just make a poster like the ones you’d see advertising a new movie.

You could visit my website or the Westwood site if you want to make a poster that we can use to advertise an upcoming event, like FLOTA, our family of schools concert, the junior musical (Lion King Junior), graduation, the graduation pow-wow, or just about anything else!

Make your work CRAP!

By now you should know about the 4 main principles of design (aka CRAP or CARP or PARC), Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.

If you need a review, this is a  pretty good one (although there are many on YouTube)


Here are a few different examples of different types of posters that would work for this assignment:


and some examples from previous classes:


You should notice that these posters contain a lot of information that is categorized/organized into levels of importance. Use Contrast and different sizes/colours to organize your information and show what information is most important and what could be considered the “fine print”/more minor details.

Event posters generally use appealing photographs/images and bright colours to draw attention.

For your details, think of the 4 of the 5 Ws, (who, what, when, where – you probably don’t need to worry about why or how…)


11 inches by 17 inches (or 17 by 11)

make sure you have a .25 inch bleed and extend your colour/images to that bleed line. We will cut off that part, so don’t put anything important in that area.

Remember to SAVE your file in ONEDRIVE with a good file name (EventPoster.ind would be a good example)

Remember to download HIGH QUALITY images and PLACE them properly

Remember to scale proportionally. Do not enlarge small .jpg files.

Remember to make your poster APPEALING and INTERESTING. A good poster should catch the attention of people walking by. Make it colourful and exciting.

When you think you’re done, SHOW IT TO SOMEONE to get feedback. If that person has no suggestions, ASK SOMEONE ELSE!

When you’re sure your poster is appealing, interesting, and useful, PACKAGE everything together and hand it in for marking!

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