InDesign Brochure

Hopefully by now you’ve designed an impressive postcard, packaged it up, and dropped it off.

Next you’ll use the powers of InDesign to create a brochure with pictures and information of your choosing. You can make your brochure about almost anything.

Some suggestions:

  • It might be great to have some of these advertising the yearbook as well.
  • I could also use some brochures advertising my technology courses, which I could hand out at our annual open house.
  • You could make a brochure for a different class/program here at St. James.
  • You could advertise a club or activity here. I’d love to have a Jimmie Jam Radio brochure!
  • A topic of interest to you! (dogs, cars, photography, etc!)

The photos should be yours (NOT from the Internet.) You will also need to PLACE a TEXT FILE with some information about the topic. This information can be “borrowed” from the Internet, if need be.

Download these files to follow along with the sample

Follow along with the tutorials here



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