InDesign Brochure Assignment

Once you’ve completed the sample, your assignment will be to create an original double-sided, trifold information brochure with your own design and content. It can be about any topic of your choice (school appropriate!) but you need to use InDesign and you need to include high-quality pieces!

InDesign document settings:

Before you start doing anything, SAVE!

Make sure OneDrive is RUNNING TODAY! OPEN THE PROGRAM! Opening the folder is NOT the same thing!

In your OneDrive, create a folder for this project! Mine is inside of a Graphic Tech folder (NOT the drop-off folder!)

All of the pieces for my project will go there!

I HIGHLY recommend grabbing some pictures before you begin. I HIGHLY recommend using Unsplash to download your photos!

When you see a photo you like, there’s an arrow right on top of the photo. Click it!

If you’re lucky, your computer will ask you where to save your file and you can choose to put them directly into your new Brochure folder

More likely, however, the file will just go into Downloads, which is fine for now.

You’ll see this box pop up. Copy that information and paste it into a Word document!

Save that document in your project folder

Put all of your sources into that document. You will PLACE that list of links on your BACK page.

When putting together your brochure, remember how the pages are laid out. The finished document will be folded into three. When folded, Page 1 looks like this:

Page 2 is a little more straightforward because it opens to reveal the whole “spread” so these pages are designed together.

You will need to take your time to design an interesting, appealing, and informative brochure on a topic of your choice. It will include:

  • an appealing cover/title
  • high-quality pictures related to your topic
  • a placed document with information about your topic (can be copied from somewhere like Wikipedia, but you need to format/style it so it looks appealing)
  • a list of the SOURCES of your photos and information
  • at least one image with Text Wrapped around it

Remember to TAKE YOUR TIME and make your brochure look purty! Here are some reminders/tips/expectations:

  • I don’t want to see any plain, white sections. Use colour!
  • I NEVER want you to use the default font! You’ll lose marks if I see Myriad Pro anywhere!

Your finished file needs to be handed in as a PACKAGE! Make sure that you do not have any missing linked files!

Samples from previous students:



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