In Design Intro

Open Adobe In Design (you may have to do a spotlight search or look in your Applications folder)

You want to Create a New Document


Please pay attention to the document settings below. Your document should be EXACTLY the same setup (Print document, 2 pages, Facing Pages, Letter size, with a .2 in Bleed)


One tool that you will probably use A LOT is the Frame tool. Note that there are 3: rectangle, ellipse, and polygon!


In this program, you need to always create a Frame then PLACE a file into that frame. This is a LINK TO THE FILE. If you move the file from its original location, the link will be broken, so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND putting ALL ASSETS into ONE FOLDER! When you download an image to put into your document, put it in this folder! Do not just leave it on your desktop where it can get deleted or moved!


You are going to create a poster. The topic is up to you, but there are some important limitations.

You must ONLY use Creative Commons or self-created elements for this poster! You must use a font that is licensed for use in this situation!

visit my “Links” page and look under “Copyright Free Content” for links to sites that you can use, or use a site like CCSearch or to help you find sites, or you could take some of your own photos or create some of your own artwork. If you are doing a search, you DO NOT NEED to be licensed to use the items for commercial use! You will get more results if you take off that limitation!

You need to have AT LEAST 4 properly collected and ATTRIBUTED photos. Use AT LEAST 2 different sites to gather your photos.

Use at least 2 of MY fonts (consult the posters: Fonts 200 plus or 100 Copyright Free Fonts)

Design your poster on PAGE 1 of your document. Page 2 will be for ATTRIBUTION information (links to your pictures/creators’ names, and font info.)

When you are done, you need to PACKAGE your project together (which will include the fonts and links to images, documents, etc.) and drop off that newly created package folder.


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