Important Video Concept – Continuity

Continuity is one of the most common problems for people making videos & movies. When you’re not shooting a movie in order (which generally you are NOT) or you can’t get it done in one day (which is almost ALWAYS the case) it’s hard to get everything right from shot to shot.

On a movie set, there will almost always be someone specifically tasked with maintaining continuity. That person’s sole job is to make sure that errors don’t happen, but still, they regularly do!

Your job today is to come up with a video that demonstrates continuity by making AT LEAST 5 mistakes, and then show me THE SAME video WITHOUT any of those errors! Your movie will likely have to be at least 1-2 minutes long. It does not have to be anything fancy. As you’ll see from the example, it could just be people sitting at a table, but they could also be working or walking down the hall or something. In order to do this, you’ll need to shoot DIFFERENT ANGLES/SHOTS, possibly using more than one camera, but since you’re going to be making mistakes, you could easily do this with one camera.

You can plan and shoot in a group of 2-3, but each person edits his/her own version of the movie. Put it together with some music and some credits. You should include a list somewhere that explains your mistakes. It would be neat to put titles on-screen to show where things go wrong after we see the messed up video and the corrected one (ie show the messed up one again with the errors pointed out.)

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