If I Had a Million Dollars

Congratulations! You have just won ONE MILLION (pretend) DOLLARS!

Once you win that kind of money, you have the ability to buy almost anything you could possibly want, so you’d likely want to get shopping. That’s exactly what you’re going to do in the next assignment!

You will create a spreadsheet that will keep track of your purchases and how much you’ve got left to spend. You’ll find sources online and keep track of accurate prices and link to the sites where you get your information.

You’ll have to keep track of:

  • the amount of money you have left to spend
  • the stores where you plan to buy your items
  • the pre-tax sale price of your items
  • the amount of PST you’ll have to pay (7%)
  • the amount of GST you’ll have to pay (5%)
  • the total amount with tax
  • the grand total of how much you’ve spent
  • the average price of your purchases
  • the highest priced item
  • the lowest priced item

Make your page look purty by changing fonts, sizes, and colours, add shading, borders, and pictures

Your sheet does NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE MINE! I’d rather you came up with your own layout & idea, but mine looks like this:

You know how to do all of this after finishing the Formulas assignment


I want you to add hyperlinks to the pages where you went to get your prices so that I can click on them to see the price for myself.

First, GO SHOPPING! Find items that you’d buy with your million dollars and then COPY the URL (address)

Once you’ve found an item you want to buy, click on the address in the address bar

That should turn the address blue (highlight it)

COPY it (Ctrl + C) or right click

Go back to Excel (Ctrl + Tab)

To make a hyperlink:

Click on the cell where you want the link to go

On your keyboard, press Ctrl + K


Go into the Insert menu/tab

Then press Link

A box will pop up. Make sure that the top option is selected (Existing File or Web Page)

Click inside of the Address box at the bottom

And Paste in the address/URL that you copied (Ctrl + V)

At the top, there’s a section to fill in the Text to display. Type in the name of the store/retailer where you’re buying the item:

Press OK

And you’ll see the name of the retailer in the cell and it will be underlined and written in blue

You should be able to click on the name and be directed back to the website in your browser

In the end, you’ll see a list of links that I can click on to check


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