First, let’s understand a word that A LOT of people get wrong:

Often in English, we say things where our INTENDED meaning is different than the LITERAL meaning.

Idioms are expressions that have an understood meaning that is VERY different than their literal meaning.

Of Mice and Men is full of them! Here’s a look at just a few of them from chapter 1: Of Mice and Men Idioms1

Well, there are many more idioms throughout the book!

2 goals for today:

  1. Find as many idioms as we can. EVERYONE needs to be responsible for finding AT LEAST 1 and adding it to the list.
  2. Draw, act out, or just explain what AT LEAST 1 IDIOM would LITERALLY look like vs. what they are INTENDED to mean.

You can fill in the idioms for your assigned section by clicking on this link (or using Mr. Robson’s computer)

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