History of Film

For your first film, I want you to create a documentary about the history of cinema/film/motion pictures. This is a broad topic which can be explored in a number of ways, so I want you to think about what you are going to explain, and TALK TO ME ABOUT IT so that I can help make sure your topic is going to work.

One thing you could do is to describe the events leading up to modern day motion pictures. What was the first type of motion picture, and how did it evolve into the technology/process used today?

You could also describe one aspect of motion pictures, such as the development of sound. How did we get from silent films to the multi-channel audio that you now hear when you go to the movies?

You could also talk about some of the most significant films in history. What was the first movie? What was the first movie with sound? What was the first colour movie, etc.

You will use a mix of video clips and still pictures to tell your story. You will also need to provide some narration and use titles to help explain.

Try as much as possible to use CREATIVE COMMONS pictures and videos. These are ones that you are legally allowed to use in your film if you’re going to show it publicly (put it on YouTube, etc.). There are some great sources linked on my LINKS page.

Understanding, however, that your movie would be much more interesting and effective if you include pictures and clips from the actual movies you’re talking about, you may have to “borrow” some clips and pictures from YouTube or find some with your good friend Google Images. Use those carefully. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE USING THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY IMAGES AND VIDEO!

WHEREVER YOU GET YOUR PICTURES AND VIDEOS, YOU NEED TO KEEP A LIST OF THOSE SOURCES! Create a Google Document (or Word or something if you insist) where you list the items you use and where you got them from.

eg: Movie Camera photo: http://mrg.bz/TU90zv

You can find some of your own sources of information, depending on your topic, but there are some that I highly recommend linked below, and in my “Video Production” playlist on my Youtube channel.

Brief History of Video Technology

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