Halloween Horror!

hh2I’m sure over the course of your life, you’ve seen plenty of scary movies. Those ones are pretty good, sure, but NOTHING could be as scary as SCHOOL!

St. James Collegiate is the setting for a truly frightening new movie, and it’s your job to promote it!

Come up with a poster and/or DVD cover for the scariest movie ever, one starring the people here at St. James!

I have some photos from school, of course, which you’re welcome to look through and use in your design, but you should also consider grabbing a camera and taking some of your own! IF you decide to use images from the Internet, make sure that they are HIGH QUALITY, and preferably from Creative Commons sources.

Make it look REALISTIC. Make it look INTERESTING. Most of all, make it look SCARY!

A movie poster, most often, is 27 inches by 41 inches.

A DVD case insert is usually 10.75 x 7.2 inches.

I’d love to see some of these hanging around school on Monday if possible!

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