Getting Interesting & Interactive

You’ve done a lot of great drawing with the drawing tools, but there are certainly times when you can’t or don’t want to draw something yourself. Watch the series of tutorials labelled “Importing” to find out how you can bring in artwork from other sources/programs.

We’ve done some work with basic Movie symbols, but there are other useful types of symbols as well. Watch the series of movies called “Symbols”

Now use these techniques to create an animation that contains:

Imported vector artwork (you could check out brandsoftheworld for some neat vector logos or search Google for vector images or create your own in Illustrator or a similar vector drawing program)
Imported bitmap images
The different kinds of symbols
Different kinds of text, as discussed in the Text tutorials & masks, as discussed in this post.

That’s a lot to fit in, but try to make this all make sense somehow. Creativity and ingenuity will be rewarded!

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