Get Started with Illustrator

In the video below, you will learn 10 things that beginners want to know about Illustrator. I think this is a great introduction to a lot of the important concepts in Illustrator

Your assignment:

  • Make a list of the 10 things that beginners want to know. Add in the “bonus” tips that are thrown in (not part of the 10.)
  • Use the tools & techniques demonstrated to create the items in the video (yin/yang, arrows, banners, etc.)
  • Knowing how to trace an image and turn it into a vector is very important. Use your logo from the first assignment, create a new simple logo, or find a high quality logo on the Internet (Jets, Nike, Coke, etc.) and trace it to turn it into vector art. Drop off a copy of the original raster/bitmap file and your new vector (.ai) file. Make sure that they are labelled so that I can figure out which is which.

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