Generals Die in Bed – Chapter 8: London

Generals Die In Bed Chapter 8: London

Please answer all of the following questions thoughtfully in complete sentences on loose-leaf. Make reference to the book WITH PAGE NUMBERS as often as possible.

First, make sure you know what IRONY means (see here:

Look at the quotes below and EXPLAIN the IRONY of each quote when you compare the viewpoints of the speakers to that of the protagonist (who has actually participated in war.) What is ironic about each quote?

1. “Oh, it’s a lovely war” (89)

2. “You silly boy, I thought you had really murdered someone” (95)

3. “…but the best thing about the war, to my way of thinking, is that it has brought out the most heroic qualities in the common people…” (96)

Macadam – a road of broken stone
Tommies – nicknames for British soldiers
Courtesan – prostitute
Gainsay – deny
Curate – Anglican churchman

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