Generals Die In Bed Chapter 5: On Rest Again

Generals Die In Bed Chapter 5: On Rest Again

Pg 35-48

Please answer all of the following questions thoughtfully in complete sentences on loose-leaf. Make reference to the book WITH PAGE NUMBERS as often as possible.

  1. How has the men’s attitude toward Brown changed after his death?
  2. Explain the condition of the French civilian population in the town. How are they managing? Find proof of the actual living conditions in the town and make reference with a quote/page number in your answer.
  3. Why do you think the soldiers ‘celebrate’ as much as they do when they are off the line? What does the book say that they do? How do you think they’re feeling?
  4. “We thought we were safe” (p.48) What happens that makes the protagonist say this? Explain why they thought that they were safe, and what happened to remind him that they probably are not? How does their behavior change after their discovery?


Bully beef – tinned corned beef

Billets – civilian homes where soldiers stay

Janes – slang term for girls

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