Fun with Photoshop!

There are so many cool things you can do with Photoshop. I love messing around with that application probably more than any other. I wish I had time to teach you everything, but it just isn’t possible.

So it’s your turn to learn something new that interests you!

There are a LOT of great Photoshop tutorials online, both via Adobe and on the web and on YouTube. Your job is to pick 3 tutorials that teach you new skills and help you create things that you didn’t know before.

You’ll pick a tutorial, learn a new technique or project, then create something using that idea and your own creativity. I do not want you to hand in the exact same photos/results as in the tutorial! I want you to take that idea or technique and apply it to something different and original. Ideally, you will even use your own photos!

Once you are finished a tutorial, you need to provide some information in a reflection. Most people just create a Word document and hand that in alongside the finished .psd Photoshop files.

Remember that in Photoshop, I ALWAYS expect/want to see a copy of the original, untouched photos! You should always be making a copy of every photo and leaving one copy untouched and turned off or hidden.

For each of your 3 chosen tutorials:

1) Provide a link to the tutorial you chose

2) Explain the techniques & tools used. Explain the major steps involved.

3) Explain what you LEARNED that was NEW TO YOU. If you didn’t learn anything new, you picked a bad tutorial!

4) Try to think of ways that you could use these new skills & techniques in Graphic Design. What kind of products could you create using this technique? How could you use those skills to help a potential customer?

I don’t want you to hand in the sample files. Most tutorials give you sample files and show you how to create the exact same picture described in the video/write up. I don’t need to see that. I need you to find YOUR OWN IMAGES and create something ORIGINAL and CREATIVE! Grab a camera and take your own photos!

There are so many great Youtube channels with Photoshop tutorials! You probably want to look for ones that are fairly recent, not from years and years ago when Photoshop looked and worked differently!

Here are some great channels you may wish to use (but feel free to find your own. It would be very wise to ASK ME if a tutorial looks like one that will get you full marks!)

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