Fun & Easy Digital Art at ABCYa

We’ll start off our Digital Art journey with something fun and easy, which will allow you to be creative and come up with something really interesting and unique.

Click here to visit ABCYa

*** Please MUTE your sound! There are some sound effects that will get mighty annoying if everyone has their sound on. Please. Thank you. ***

Press the “Play” triangle to begin 


You’ll see your tools along the bottom of the screen. Click the little disclosure triangle to see all of the available tools:

Pick a tool. Many brushes will have a size option:

and a colour palette:

If you make a mistake, there is an Undo and a Redo button

You can even import a picture to decorate:

Consider decorating THIS PHOTO OF OUR SCHOOL

You will need to DOWNLOAD that photo (or another one) if you want to Import it to your Background

Take your time and try to come up with something interesting that shows some effort and creativity. You will attach this to the assignment in Teams.

When you are done, SAVE your work and attach it in Teams.


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