Friday Funday!

Occasionally on a Friday, I like to do something a little bit fun and different. Today is one of those days.

Below are some thought starters. Choose one of the topics below. Using your creativity and skill, complete the task. Your job is to be CREATIVE and tell a story or bring a scene to life. You can use an application on your computer that you know and love (although if you choose PowerPoint or Keynote I will make fun of you for being lazy and unimaginative!) or go old school and use paper to write or create something. You could even come up with a little skit that you could perform. Got a better idea? Run it by me!

Sit for a few minutes in a quiet space. What do you hear, smell, feel? What do you think about (other than hearing, smelling, and feeling…)?

Recreate your city/neighborhood/school as a magical or mythical place

Find/create a space where there is absolutely no technology. Now re-imagine that space by adding in technology. Show/explain the differences.

Show/explain the life of an inanimate object. For example, look at the world through the life of your cell phone.

Instead, if you wish, you could explore one of these spooky story starters

This isn’t really designed to take more than one class. Don’t rush through and come up with something lame, because that defeats the purpose. Have fun with it! Make it interesting and entertaining!

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