Exploring Great Photos

Today I would like you to go on Flickr and explore photos. Explain what you like about 3 different photos. Not the content (yeah, that flower is beautiful) but what did the photographer do to make that photo amazing?


Below this post you should post a comment where you provide a link to the photos you choose and then EXPLAIN what you like about the photo – what did the photographer have to do or think about in order to make that photo so great?

Post a response as a comment attached to this post. You will need to include a link to the photo and you will need to EXPLAIN what the photographer DID to make it a great photo.

8 thoughts on “Exploring Great Photos

  1. giggertjohnson

    Xherdan Albrecht 1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sharkpix/15234060069/ I enjoy this photo because it focuses on the shark and the fish are swimming away from it. Making the shark seem superior in the photo and the ocean. It’s good that the photographer kept the fish in the photograph because it fills in the blank blue of ocean.

    2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dolcejp0310/6038585264/ I really dislike cats, but I like the colour of this one. I think it subtracts the amount of dull colours around the cat specimen. Also, photographer on photographer action is cool. I like seeing a picture of someone taking one. It messes about with your mind.

    3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sunpo_life/12804208454 I had to submit a soccer photo. This one focuses mainly on the player. Showing the blurred out background focusing on a bright shirted player.

  2. Penny

    I like this photo because it’s zoomed in reaaaaaaaally close. the diamond is ALL UP IN YO FACE. And even tho the diamond is reALLY BIG you can still see the band of the ring in the background. I also like that everything else in the picture is black, it makes the ring pop.

    LOOKIT THE LIL DOGGY AND ITS LIL MONKEY FREN IT’S SO CUTE AHHH. Ok so I like this picture because the dog is a dark colour but everything around it is light. It draws attention to the dog.

    He’s on a mission. He’s goin’ places, I’m telling ya. I like this picture because the bird is zoomed really close and the background is a neutral colour so you can see every part of the bird (even his lil bird feet)

  3. Sage

    I really like this picture because the way the light is in the lower centre and how it’s on a slant.
    I like the whole general picture, it looks like it’s focused on all of the scenery, lots of colour and the lighting is really good too.
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/philgar/28978484793/in/explore-2016-09-11/ I like how the leaf is blurred kinda so it focuses on to the insect and it show’s the detail in each oth wings

  4. misterjr Post author

    Kelsie https://www.flickr.com/photos/12420780@N08/29316015770/in/explore-2016-09-11/

    3 things the photographer did to make the photo stand out are;
    first, having the top of the matchbox be the centre of attention with a lot of detail, second, there are lights in the background that are blurred, which makes the focus of the photo really pop, and third, the colours of the matchbox are bright, primary colours while the background is a warm orange colour, making the colours really stand out.

  5. misterjr Post author



    3 things that I think the photographer did to make this picture pop is the way the dark background made the fireworks the main focus naturally. I also think that they, the photographer, included the sparks from a firework that has gone out to make the picture appear more alive in a way because every spark is going in a different direction, and some are closer to the water, and some are not. The last thing I think the photographer did to make this photo stand out is the large reflection in the water, and that made the firework appear larger.


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