Excel Timetable – part 3 – Printing

Make sure that you’ve finished ALL of the steps in creating your timetable before you attempt this one.

Your timetable should look something kinda sorta like this:

Excel is a lot like Microsoft Word in many ways that we’ve seen so far, but it also has some big differences. When we set up our Timetable last year in Word, we started by placing it on a file that would eventually print out on a standard sheet of printer paper (8.5″ x 11″). But Excel isn’t really set up for creating documents the same way. To see this in action, go to File and Print (NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY PRINT OUT YOUR TIMETABLE!)


Start by pressing Ctrl + P  or going into the File menu

and selecting Print

Make sure you select Microsoft Print to PDF!

You’ll see a preview of your page on the right…

No good! It’s cut off on the right hand side!

There are some settings that will help, though.

The first one should probably say Print Active Sheets. That will work for us.


You could go back and highlight the stuff you want to print (your timetable) and then choose Print Selection

Our timetable is a lot wider than it is tall, so flip that paper so that it is Landscape Orientation

You may also wish to cut down the amount of white space around your timetable by making your Margins smaller. I like Narrow

That might do it for us, but you can also Scale the size of your print to fit all of your columns on the page as well

That’s not bad

But you may wish to fill up the page even more! I’m going to press Esc to go back to see my work again

You’ll notice a dotted line around your work. That represents the edges of the page if you were to print it out. Currently, there’s a LOT of room left on that page

What I like to do is highlight the rows for Day 1 to 6 (for me that’s rows 4 to 9.) Click on one of those numbers on the side, then hold Shift and click on the last one to highlight those entire rows

As I showed you before, you can adjust the size of your rows or columns. With all 6 days selected, you can adjust them all at once and make sure that they stay the same size

Click at the bottom right between the last row of your timetable and the first blank row (for me that’s between 9 and 10)

Pull that down A LITTLE BIT / SLOWLY

and you’ll see some of that extra space start to disappear

If you keep slowly and carefully adjusting (and/or pressing Ctrl + Z to Undo if you go too far) your rows will get deeper but you won’t go onto another page

And you’ll end up with very little space left at the bottom

Resulting in a much nicer looking page to print

Here’s one more look at the settings I chose to make mine fit on the page well


So long as you’re sure that you’re on Microsoft Print to PDF, you can now hit Print

Rather than spitting out a piece of paper, this will give you a file to drop off, which I will give you marks for and print for you. Save it into your Documents or OneDrive folder

and then drop it off!

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