Excel Formulas Tutorial

It’s time to dive in to the true powers of Excel by examining just a few of the amazing calculations and transformations you can make using Formulas.

When you first open Excel, there are some cool tutorials right on the Home page. Find the one that says Formula tutorial/Get started with Formulas:

If you see that link, just click it and then click Create:

If you can’t find it for some reason, you can download a copy from THIS LINK

NOTE: you need to remember to make sure that your file is saving in OneDrive!


it should look like this:


Just like in your PowerPoint Quiz, this Workbook has links that you can click to progress. Click Let’s Go on the first sheet:

There are some instructions on the left:

And you’ll fill in the formula on the right. Remember that Excel should be doing the math for you! You are NOT TYPING IN THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION! You are showing Excel how to calculate the answer for you! If you are doing any math yourself, you are DOING IT WRONG

If you’ve done it correctly, it’ll look like this:

but you will have actually typed in this (and yes, I’ll check):

Work through all of the sheets in the Workbook until you get to the last one, Formula Errors:

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