Excel Calendar pt. 4: Holidays & Special Events

Now it’s time to add holidays, birthdays, special events, and significant days for you!

You may find this link useful: https://canada-holidays.ca/provinces/MB/2024

You could even find some unusual honourary days. Here’s one list: https://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/

If you want to add school holidays and inservices, you can check THIS CALENDAR

The first one is January 1, New Year’s Day

I notice that it doesn’t quite fit and it doesn’t look great all in one line like that. You can break your text into different lines by turning on “Wrap Text” on the Home tab:

Now that text will start a new line instead of running out of space.

You might also wish to look at how the text is sitting in the box. You can have it sitting on the bottom of the box, against the top, or right in the middle. Right above where you’d center text horizontally, you can choose how it sits vertically as well.

If you like the way that looks, you may wish to COPY (Ctrl + C) and then paste that onto the next holiday.

Add whatever holidays and special days you want! Add your family members’ birthdays, school inservice days (check THIS calendar for those)

Go through all of your months and add as many special days, holidays, and events you’d like! In general, there would likely be at least one special day per month.

You can add pictures, shapes, or icons to your calendar:

The last thing that you’ll want to do is figure out how to fill up the blank spaces. Most months will have a big space either at the beginning or end of the month that you can use for pictures, quotes, or whatever you like!

Take some time and fill up those blank spaces and make sure that every page looks amazing!

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