English 20 (S1 2017-18)

This is an integrated, theme-based course designed to provide students with a solid foundation of literacy skills, knowledge, and learning strategies. The course emphasizes reading comprehension, personal and critical response, and interpretation of a variety of text forms. Students also learn to collect, organize, and synthesize information through research and inquiry processes.

In the 20F course, students express their ideas using the six English language arts of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing. Particular emphasis is placed on written communication, including exploration, examination, and analysis of the structure of sentences, paragraphs, essays, and longer fiction and non-fiction text.

Course Outline: EN20_outline


What Do You Want your Teacher to Know? (due Sept. 12)

Journal Entry: Joining the War (due Sept. 13)

Generals Die in Bed: Chapter 1 (due Sept. 15)

Journal 2: Three Wishes (due Sept. 18)

Generals Die in Bed: Chapter 2 (due Sept. 19)

Journal 3: Basic Needs (due Sept. 21)

Generals Die in Bed: Chapter 3 (due Sept. 25)

Generals Die In Bed Chapter 4 (due Sept. 26)

Generals Die In Bed Chapter 5 (due Sept. 28)

Generals Die in Bed Chapter 6 (due Oct. 2)

Journal: Residential Schools (due Oct. 2)

Character Sketch (due Oct. 5)

Mood/Tone Analysis (due Oct. 10)

Mini Mystery Solution & Editing (due Oct. 19) (in-class group work)

The Man with the Twisted Lip (due Oct. 23)

Elements of a Mystery/Analysis (due Oct. 25)

Sherlock Holmes Film Analysis (due Oct. 30)

Mysteries of the Universe Project (due Nov. 10)

April Raintree Chapter 1 reflection

April Raintree Chapters 2-7

April Raintree Chapters 8-10

April Raintree Chapter 11 ***SPOILER ALERT**** Read it first! (if you’re sure! AprilRaintree11)

April Raintree 12-17

April Raintree Expository Essay

Dances with WolvesResponse

Book/Movie/CD (etc.) Review

Story Response (Exam Review 1)

Personal Essay (Exam Review 2)