Dress Code reactions

Your job is to come up with a position on the topic of dress codes. There are many ways to discuss/debate the issue, but you need to narrow it down to one particular opinion/viewpoint that you can defend. We won’t be doing a proper debate of the issue (although the class discussion can get lively sometimes!), instead, we’ll be writing… an essay!

Exciting, huh?

First, look over the ideas that have been discussed:

Girls (2016)

Boys (2016)

And just for fun, check out what last year’s groups thought:

SchoolDressCodes_Girls (2015)

SchoolDressCodes_Boys (2015)

Your job is to figure out what you want to argue and start to think about how you’re going to prove/defend your position! You can work together and come to some agreement on a point/position or if you really want to, you can formulate your own, but everyone needs to have some sort of position and some way to defend/prove it.

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