Digital Imaging & Desktop Publishing 35 (S1 2017 & S2 2018)

This course is open to all students who have an interest in learning about how to take better digital photographs and how to plan, design and create a school yearbook. Course concepts include:

– Digital Camera Operation
– Photo Composition
– Advanced Photo Techniques – Photoshop

– Publication Planning
– Publication Layout & Design
– Publication Production (In-Design)

Course Outline: DIDP Course Outline

Class Flickr Group

(2016-17 group)

(2015-16 group)

(2014-15 group)

(2013-14 group)

Mr. Robson’s Flickr Page


Weekly portfolio – 5 quality images uploaded to Flickr, added to class group

Monthly event coverage

Exploring Great Photos

Camera Types & Differences

Basic Composition & photo sharing

Beginner Photography Tips

Photographing People

Exposure Triangle demonstration

Manual Photos

Outdoor Photos

Composition Research Project

Composition Technique Samples

Basic Photo Editing Exercise

Portrait Photography **Major Assignment**

Yearbook Cover Design

Yearbook Cover Revisions

SEMESTER 2: Desktop Publishing

InDesign Postcard

InDesign Brochure

Yearbook Page Backgrounds