Digital Imaging & Desktop Publishing 35 (S1 2013 & S2 2014)

This course is open to all students who have an interest in learning about how to take better digital photographs and how to plan, design and create a school yearbook. Course concepts include:

– Digital Camera Operation
– Photo Composition
– Advanced Photo Techniques – Photoshop

– Publication Planning
– Publication Layout & Design
– Publication Production (In-Design)

Class Flickr Photo Group

Mr. Robson’s Flickr Page


Weekly portfolio – 5 quality images uploaded to Flickr, added to class group

Monthly event coverage

Beginner Photographer tutorials/tips: BeginnerPhotographyAssignment

DSLR Vs. Point and Shoot Cameras (Oct. 3)

New Photographer Tips (Oct. 7)

Photographing People (GWMS students) Oct. 9

Photography Assignment (Bruce Park) Oct. 18

Composition Assignment 1 (Oct. 27)

Composition Techniques (Nov. 7)

Rule of Thirds Assignment (Nov. 12)

Basic Composition (Nov. 14)

Aperture Demonstration/Explanation (Dec. 4)

ISO Demonstration/Explanation (Dec. 6)

Shutter Speed Demonstration/Explanation

Exposure Triangle Demonstration/Explanation (Dec. 12)

Photo Assignment (Dec. 16)

Photoshop Intro (Jan. 13) Assignment

Camera Raw (Jan. 15)

Photoshop Layers (Jan. 17)

Selections Questions (Jan. 21)

Yearbook Cover Design (Feb. 4)

Yearbook Cover Critique (Feb. 6)

Portraiture (take some portraits)

Portraiture tutorials (Photo Fixups)

March 5 – More tutorials!

Portraiture & Retouching (IMPORTANT!) (March 17)

Yearbook Sales Advertisement (March 19)

StJATA Billboard Contest (optional)

InDesign Questions: InDesignQuestions


InDesign Managing Pages (April 9)

D.I. Photo Challenge (April 16)

InDesign Yearbook (MAJOR PROJECT) (May 5)

Yearbook events & Deadlines:
(you may scroll through the months with the << and >> next to the month name.)

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