Critically Important Photography Tip: BE SELECTIVE

Something that you have to get used to as a photographer is the fact that most of your photos won’t turn out well. As you get more experienced, the percentage of good ones goes up, but for now, you have to accept that most of your photos are not great. And there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

I take a LOT of photos, and even though I’ve been doing this for longer than you, I still need to throw out half of the photos I take. For you, that percentage might be 75%.

When going through your photos, THROW OUT THE TERRIBLE ONES. Learn something from them so that you don’t make the same mistake again, but there’s no fixing a photo that’s out of focus or really badly shot. Just junk it and TAKE ANOTHER ONE.

This is especially important when dropping photos off to me. I don’t have time to go through thousands of BAD photos (and by the end of the year, it is in the thousands,) so I NEED you to do some of that work for me! If something for an assignment doesn’t turn out well (like last class) TAKE MORE PHOTOS! You can’t get marks for a bad photo, and we certainly can’t use it for anything, so TAKE IT/THEM AGAIN!

These photos were dropped off to me. WHY?

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