Convert Drawings to Vector (chapter 6)

Chapter 6 in the 1 on 1 Fundamentals video course shows you how to take a drawn and scanned piece of artwork, trace it, clean it up, and work with it as paths and a vector image. Work through the videos and complete the butterfly example. Once you’ve completed that, I’d like you to apply these concepts to a piece of artwork of your own design/choosing.

I’d love it if you could draw and scan your own art. I, however, can not draw, and you don’t even want to see me try, so I would have to cheat a bit, so you can too. I have a pile of classic colouring books (most of them from way back in the stone ages when I was a kid!) that you can use to practice scanning in some artwork and working with it.

I’ll help you with getting your drawing/choice onto the computer (but you’ll have to remember the valuable advice about what works best) and you’ll do the rest. Trace the art, clean up any ‘noise’ and simplify the paths to make the vector more manageable. I want to see the original file, so as in the movies, keep your scanned art as a layer that is turned off underneath your vector.

Later on we’ll work on colouring in your new vector art.

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