Coding with The Artist

Learn how to create art using code by creating shapes and designs!

Start by completing this course which will teach you how it works:

After you’re done the course, up at the top of the screen next to your username, click Create

Choose Artist 

Have fun and create something really impressive! Again, you’ll get two marks, one for how well you use the possibilities (use different commands, loops, variables, etc.) and one for making something that looks amazing.

You should have a lot of code to show off. Please make it look like you spent a lot of time creating your art. If it’s really simple, your mark will not be great. Take your time!

At some point, you need to Rename your file to match the content

You can just use the title of the assignment if you like:

When you’re SURE that you’ve done a great job, you will need to Share a Link

Make sure you press Save

At the top of the screen, click Share

You’ll need to click on the link to highlight it (it’ll turn blue)

Then you need to COPY (press Ctrl and C) or right click and choose Copy

Once you have the link copied, go back to Teams and click on the Assignment

You will need to Add work:

And this time you are handing in a Link

Paste in the address that you copied:

And give your link a name (copy me if you like):

Press Turn In (or Turn In Late) when you are done!

You will also need to provide a bit of a Reflection by attaching a document in Teams explaining:

What you learned and a bit about what you did to create your art.
Tell me what you like about your work/the assignment
Tell me what you had trouble with or wish you could have done differently

Attach a document with the answers to those questions in Teams for full marks.

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