Coding Artwork

As part of Computer Science Education Week and The Hour of Code, I’d like to try to create some artwork using coding. This will be something a little different than what you are doing in Computer Literacy class, so we’ll put that aside for now.

There are many ways that you can use coding to create artwork. I’ve got links to a few of my favourite activities below:


Or you can choose your own activity by following the directions below:

Go to this link

Across the top of your screen, choose Grades 6-8 (or if you really want a challenge, you can try a Grades 9+ activity!)

On the right, you can choose whether you want a Beginner tutorial or something a little more advanced

Scroll down a little bit and on the left hand side, choose Computers under Classroom Technology, then Art, Media, Music, under Topics

Please choose an activity that has something to do with creating art or music. Save the “other” stuff for another time


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