Chapter 2/3 Video Diary

After George & Lennie arrive and get settled in the bunkhouse, one other worker arrives: YOU!

Because you’re some sort of time-traveling wizard, you’re able to transport yourself back WITH your cell phone or a video camera and record a video diary detailing your experiences.

Reflecting on your first day at the ranch, tell me what you saw, heard, & smelled. Most importantly, tell me all about the people you met.

Because you are a time-traveling wizard, you speak like people would TODAY (and use language that is APPROPRIATE today… ahem) to describe your experience at the bunkhouse. Use the book to pick up details of the setting, characters, anything interesting/significant that happened to you or others around you while you were there (plot), and tell about any conflicts that happened (give me at least 1.) Your descriptions of the places & people should be ACCURATE, but also ORIGINAL (DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK!)

Your video will probably need to be at least 90 seconds (a minute and a half) in order to get all of those details in there. NOBODY needs to see your video other than me. I’d love to show some of these in class but only for people who are comfortable having it shown. The rest will be seen by me and deleted or stored safely.

Write up a script for your video – or at least a very detailed outline. Show me your outline before shooting to make sure that it’s accurate and detailed enough, so you don’t have to do this all over again.

Shoot your video in an appropriate location. You can pretend to be shooting this on scene by going outside or finding a plain enough wall as a background – or you can write about your experiences after you return from your time-traveling wizardry. I do have some video cameras that you can use, but it might be easier for you just to use your phone or device. You ONLY need that device in class when you’re actually shooting…

You can email your video to me AT MY GMAIL address, or share it in Google Drive or Dropbox with me at my GMAIL address. You can also give me your file on a flash drive.

You have a week to get this in to me, but we won’t spend a whole lot of class time on it. Either get it done quickly in class or do it at lunch, after school, or at home.

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