Cartooning – Drawing Faces

Continuing on with the basic comics that we created previously, let’s look at how to draw a great cartoon face.

Work with a good pencil and have a good eraser handy. Just draw this on any piece of paper (blank paper will work best, of course.) One you are FINISHED, just take a photo with any device and send it to me or tag me in your drawing if you post it on Instagram and you will get marks for it.

Watch the tutorial below and try to draw the character as you go. PAUSE the video as often as you like to complete each step and go back if you need to. (you can skip the first 3 minutes and 35 seconds or so – that part’s boring…)

You DO NOT have to draw the exact same face that you see in the video! In fact, I’d prefer if you didn’t. You may wish to draw this exact face the first time then go back and draw something more original for the one you hand in to me.

Take your time and do your best. Don’t be afraid to start again if you need to, but remember that you are still learning and practicing, so it’s probably not going to be perfect right away.

Let me know if you’re having trouble! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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