Camera Modes

We have viewed some videos and discussed in detail the 3 aspects of the Exposure triangle. If you missed it or want to review, they can be accessed here.

The assignment: For each mode, I want you to take at least 3 photos. For the first, I want you to set up a shot that you can take 3 times. I recommend doing these in the hall outside of the classroom. Your camera needs to be stable to take these. Use a tripod if you know how to properly attach your camera (DO NOT put your camera on the tripod and turn it. EVER! Take the plate off of the tripod and use the screw underneath the plate to turn to attach the plate. Then put the plate back on the tripod. ALWAYS!) You can also use a desk or table and set your camera on one of those. It’s often easiest to have a classmate stand in the hall at a reasonable distance. For aperture, take a shot of that person (or whatever else you choose) at the lowest aperture setting, a setting in the middle, and the highest setting.

For Shutter Speed, you need something moving. Again, have a classmate slowly walk toward your camera or away from it. Describe what happens at the highest shutter speed, somewhere in the middle, and the lowest.

Once you have your 3 photos, use Lightroom or put them in a document or, yes, PowerPoint (ugh) and explain the difference between the 3. Tell me what the shutter speed/aperture setting/ISO (number) was for each shot, and describe what changing the setting did to the shot. You should see a significant difference. Explain what changed. (*hint: for each one, the amount of light should change, but each one ALSO changes something different about the photo. You need to know what changed and describe.)

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