April Raintree Chapter 1 Reflection

In Search of April Raintree is a personal narrative. April is the narrator, and she gives us our first glimpse into the earliest memories of her life and family. The picture she paints is very bleak. It may, however, give some insight into the possible reasons for April’s actions later in the novel. Here are some questions to guide the thinking through this critical first part of the story. Please answer IN COMPLETE SENTENCES WITH PROOF from the book (quotes AND page numbers!)

  1. Describe the hardships of the young girls that demonstrate the harsh insensitivity and/or discriminatory attitudes of their family, government agencies, and the church. (i.e. what do her family, the government agencies, and the church do that is insensitive or discriminatory?)
  2. The narrator introduces many stereotypes regarding First Nations peoples. These biases and assumptions seem to be already internalized by April even though she is only six years old. What things happen that show that she already understands and has learned to live with racism? Discuss how April’s feelings about her race might impact her future choices and identity.
  3. The author depicts a close and supportive relationship between April and Cheryl. This relationship forms the dramatic tension through which other events in the text are explored. What might happen to the girls that could make this relationship strained or weaker? What could happen that would strengthen it?

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