Animation Project 1 – History of Animation Video

Your task was/is to make an animated presentation. Any good animation TELLS A STORY! Make your story interesting and FUN to watch!
You should take some of the animation history contained in the links below. It should contain some of the most significant developments in animation. Your presentation doesn’t have to contain ALL of the details but it should show the major events/types of animation and it should be in YOUR OWN WORDS. Yes, some of the links contain well written summaries, but you should be creating your own.
Your presentation can have the information written out or you can record your voice as the narrator.
As much as possible you should be using materials in your video that are LEGAL for you to use. These include items that you’ve created or photographs that you’ve taken yourself, or CREATIVE COMMONS images, music, and video clips. There are links to many great sources of CREATIVE COMMONS materials on my LINKS page under “Copyright Free Content.”:
History of Animation:
(more nifty animation videos in my YouTube playlist:

Step #1 is ALWAYS to plan out your video a bit. You’ll want to gather some information and make some notes about the topic. If you have no information about the topic, it doesn’t matter how pretty your video is, because it won’t be good.

You can find some of your own sources of information, depending on your topic, but there are some that I highly recommend linked above. Please look through the information and MAKE NOTES. Take important events, concepts, people, devices, etc. and write them down in a Google or Word document. You need to have SOURCE LINKS for ALL of your information and content (photos, music, etc.) Those will go in the credits of your movie, but for now, they should be in your planning document.

Once you have enough quality information AND SOURCE LINKS, you can show me your document and then move on to making the video.

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