Andy Warhol – Pop Art

Andy Warhol is perhaps one of the most famous artists of the modern era. He redefined art and helped bring Pop Art into the mainstream. He also was one of the first artists to really take delight in his fame. He was fascinated by famous people and what it took to become famous, and really pushed himself and his image out there in order to become famous. There’s a rather legendary quote from Warhol that says, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

The thing is, a lot of his art was fairly simplistic. He was known to just take existing photographs and elements and add bright colours to them.

He also has some very memorable art that depicts everyday items:

Another of his most iconic pieces is this:


He actually went on to paint each of the 32 different varieties of Campbell’s soup:

I want you to think of an everyday item that means something to you in a personal way. Think of an ordinary, everyday item that really defines you or is the biggest part of your life. For me, it would probably be a computer or headphones or a record player. Those are things that are very meaningful and important for me, but what about for you?

You will draw a realistic portrait of an item that has such meaning to you. You should find a picture online or bring it in if you can so that you can draw it as accurately as you can.

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