And the 2014-15 Yearbook Cover Is…

Yes, the time has come for us to make a final decision about our yearbook for this year. We’ve looked at all of the great covers that have been submitted, and you’ve had your chance to comment on them and make any changes that you see fit.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard on a cover, and who provided feedback to help make them better. We will still have a little bit time to make suggestions and changes after we’ve picked a concept. So, if you really like a cover, but wish the designer had done something differently, we’ll make those changes; don’t avoid voting for one just because you don’t like the picture, font, colour, etc.

Now, for our finalists. Please look in the “10_YearbookCover” folder inside of Robson213Files/DIDP and have a look at the cover options!

Please respond to the following poll. You must choose 1 cover. Add any comments in the “Other” box (ie: #1, but change the font colour to hot pink!)

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